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Embrace who you are. What’s your Story?

There’s no make-up here, I wear a scar on the left side of my mouth from being bit by a dog when I was 18months old.

Sometimes my hair is big af and sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s messy af and sometimes it’s not.

I allow myself to show up however I feel in each moment.

Creating gives me life highs, coffee is my savior. I value vulnerability, transparency and authenticity.

I’m passionate about helping women find their inner magic, live in their purpose and lead impactful lives.

I wake up every day asking myself how much more love can I bring the world- For real, then I have solo dance parties in my kitchen.

I’m an all around goof ball too.

I deeply believe in humanity and us as a collective.

I believe every woman is worthy, beautiful and magic.

I genuinely want everyone around me to succeed.

I’m often found nerding out over tech news, anything digital marketing, and business strategy ideas.

Of course, I have flaws too, and if I don’t eat in a long time I get hangry af.

My friends are my second family and my blood family means the world to me.

Now you tell me: who are you? What do you value? What drives you? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning? I want to know you. Drop your story in the comments! ❤


You'll get 14 journal prompts to rock your life, love yourself, and unleash your magic within.

Enjoy Your New Freedom!