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In this week’s episode we have a really open vulnerable chat. Listen in as Robbie Farlow and Tanner Baze join us for this juicy hour where we discuss OM; what is is and where to find it. How to achieve deep intimacy and what it means to go beyond sex to deep connection. 

Robbie Farlow is a really awesome fitness coach and podcast host over at Side Quest Fitness. You can also find on Instagram, Twitter, and FacebookRobbie-Farlow-Coaching-1

Tanner Baze of is a writer who contributes to BroBible, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Greatist, Thought Catalog and Elitedaily. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Destiny Lalane of is a business coach who just launched an awesome influencer marketing bootcamp which you can find here. She is also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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