Who Else Wants to Harness Their Feminine Power by Connecting with Other Like-Minded Women?
You won’t believe how women just like you are taking charge of their lives and supporting one another to achieve their goals and dreams.

Annah Rose Presents
The Goddess Wolfpack
A monthly virtual sisterhood that will guide you to get out of complacency, connect with like-minded women, be unstoppable.
Are you craving change?

Deep love with self and a partner?

Are you feeling un-supported in your friends circle?

Feel like you’re ready to meet like minded sisters to go on this journey with?
I hear you sister!
Are you tired of attracting duds instead of studs?
Do you feel stuck in life and want to take things to the next level?
Is it hard for you to find and connect with other like-minded women? 
Trust me, I totally get it.
Several years ago, I was involved in a string of unhealthy relationships. 
Dudes cheated on me, put me down, and treated me like crap. 
But I kept right on dating them.
Crazy, right?
See, I stayed in those situations because I was SOOOOO afraid of being alone, starting over, and reclaiming my feminine power.
I was lonely... 
I was scared…
I was super unhappy.
And I tried to cope with the usual suspects: chocolate, junk food, and negative friends.
But they didn’t work. 
They just made me feel worse about myself and my situation.
It sucked…big time.
I’m sure you know the feeling. 
You try to make changes and start out super pumped and motivated, but then you end up discouraged and burnt out.
How come other women make it look so easy?
Truth be told, change is never easy. But it’s worth it!
All you need is the right tools and the right support system to make your goals a reality.
It can be tough trying to find yourself, love yourself, and live your life in this world. Most women seem to lose their way and settle for a mediocre guy, a mediocre job, and a mediocre existence.
But you don’t want to be like most women, right?
Of course, not. You know why?
Because deep down you’re a total badass. 
And you want to connect with other badass babes to help you harness your feminine power.
Then let me introduce you to…

The Goddess Wolfpack is a group of like-minded women who will jumpstart your journey to deep self-love and healthy, fulfilling relationships.
After I received many emails from women wondering where to find other like-minded sisters, I immediately felt called to create a virtual community.
In this group, we support each other, encourage one another, and step into our feminine power together.
We share tips on how to deepen your self-love, find your purpose and calling, and attract the quality men you are looking for.

The Group Includes:
  • 4 weekly video calls
  • 4 weekly live Q&As
  • Daily interactive prompts in the group
  • Monthly influencer takeover where a really awesome influencer will take over the group and go over awesome and actionable ways to live a fuller life and find the love YOU want.
  • Connection with like-minded sisters
  • Unconditional support with whatever you are going through during this journey together
  • Full Access to me in the group Monday-Friday
The Group Does NOT Include:
  • This program does not provide one on one interaction, it is completely interactive with me in the group setting.  For that, a better option would be my private 1:1 program.
  • This group also is completely tailored to whatever you would like to learn and get out of it —so that means there is no set curriculum and it’s completely based on the group.
Who Is It For?
  • Someone who is craving a true sisterhood 
  • Someone who is ready for change.
  • Someone who is ready to step into their full authentic selves to attract in a higher quality partner.
  • Someone who is ready to re-claim their feminine power
  • Someone who is ready to take ownership of their own life
Get immediate access to the Goddess Wolfpack now.
The way the Goddess Wolfpack works is that it is completely tailored to fit the group's needs. 
Pretty awesome, right? 
Everything is interactive, and everyone receives on-the-spot, laser-focused coaching during our interactive calls.

The Purpose of Joining the Goddess Wolfpack
  • Jumpstart your journey into living a fully fulfilled life.
  • Learn tips on how to reclaim your feminine power.
  • Learn how to deepen your self-love. 
  • Learn the tools to attract high-quality partners. 
  • Connect with yourself on a much deeper level.
  • Connect with like-minded sisters on the same journey.
  • Feel supported during the highs and lows of daily life.
If you want more personal attention, I also offer 1:1 coaching.
The Goddess Wolfpack does not have a set curriculum, and I do not tell you exactly what to do. It will be your job to apply the lessons to your life, but I will be there to guide you every step of the way!

If you want more personal attention, I also offer 1:1 coaching.
The Goddess Wolfpack does not have a set curriculum, and I do not tell you exactly what to do. It will be your job to apply the lessons to your life, but I will be there to guide you every step of the way!

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What Others Have to Say
"I was going through a rough patch in life when I didn't want to be around anyone but my boyfriend. He would tolerate my clinginess, but I got to be too much. I met Annah. She told me ways to love myself. I would look in the mirror and say all the things I loved about myself. 

After awhile of doing this, I started to go out more and be around my friends. My love life improved because of this and I became more independent. I workout and cook more too! I'm glad this women came into my life, she really helped me out."

- Kelcie
"Annah is an excellent counselor and friend. She is an amazing person with a huge heart in a tiny body. Annah has given me great relationship advices and has been my support system since we met. If you feel lost or need some guidance, she will definitely help bring some balance to your life. She is passionate about love, life, and work!"

- Hom
"Annah and I have been friends for a long time now and she's helped me through some really challenging life experiences. 

She always has a voice of reason that helps me see things from another point of view and this has played a valuable role in some of the decision making I've had to do. She set out on her own journey to find her place in the world and that fearlessness of moving and "figuring it out as you go along" attitude and being open to new experiences has really inspired me, especially now in starting the process of moving somewhere new myself."

- Ashley
How is the program delivered?
After you purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please check your Junk email folder or spam folder.

Mark as not spam and move to your inbox because this is how you will receive e-mails and information going forward.

Once you click confirm you will get a welcome e-mail and a link to join the private group.
Where do group interactions take place?
They will take place in a private Facebook group.
And what happens inside the Facebook group?
Weekly hangouts will be held on Wednesday with a re-play sent to you Thursday in your membership area.

Weekly live Q&A’s will happen in the group on Tuesday.

Interactive Prompts will happen daily except Saturday.

Influencer takeover will take place 1 week per month!
Am I tied to a contract?
Nope! this is a monthly program that is contract free, cancel anytime- no strings attached! Just e-mail me whenever you feel like cancelling!
What can I expect to get from the program?
You will be joined and supported by myself and other like-minded women.

You will gain the tips to deepen your self love, fully step into your feminine power, attract higher quality men and create the love you have always wanted!

Lastly, we will have weekly interactive hangouts, live Q&A’s, daily interactive prompts in the group and an influencer take over once a month!
Join the Goddess Wolfpack Today!

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Become a member today, and you’ll be grandfathered in at the founding-member rate. 
Your membership rate will remain the same for as long as you’re part of the Wolfpack – even when we increase it to $397/mo in the future!