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Since the end of last year I’ve found myself shedding a lot of emotions that I’ve been holding onto.

I found myself breaking free from old definitions of words like abundance.

Abundance to me used to mean money.

It was all about the hustle or grind to make more and coming from that place of never having enough or lack.

Money was my “god” It was what drove every decision I have ever made. Can I afford this or can I not.

See I come from a long lineage of money being the driving factor. To most of my family money is “their god” and that is fine and it serves them but it simply no longer served me.

Around Christmas, I sat down in meditation and asked myself, what does abundance mean to me?

Immediately warm emotions, waves of love and energetic hugs came through. For the first time, I felt truly free.

So I went deeper into the meditation.

I saw all of my friends that I call tribe, I saw all of the amazing experiences that I have had the blessing to have in the last almost 29 years and I saw all of the beautiful women that have come through my home on a full moon circle,  for a reading or a 1:1 session and I started to cry. These tears, were ones of joy, unconditional love and support. 

I was feeling true abundance for the first time in my life and it wasn’t financial.

Instead it was, memories, experiences, tribe, being of service to as many people as I possibly can during this lifetime and being unconditional love to everyone that comes into my life.

It was such a profound moment in my never ending growth because once my definition changed everything around me changed too.

Breaking free from the old and into pure appreciation, gratitude for my life here on this earth and all who are in it, launched me into a huge growth period the last 3 months.

In fact I have grown exponentially at a faster rate these last months than in the whole year of 2016.

Life feels easier, more free and blissful even.

The thing is when you take some time to fully dive into why you are feeling a certain way about things, it can directly correlate to the definition or belief system that you have either told yourself or have been conditioned to believe.

When we release things and create space to understand our why deeper we are able to call in even more abundance and manifest faster. 

If we aren’t growing, we aren’t doing it right.

See, just like my definition of abundance, we are ever evolving and if we drop into that space and allow ourselves to constantly evaluate things coming in and taking up room in our lives we can be in a constant state of growth.

Complacency never serves us. It holds us back.

Living with our own outdated driving factors (our “god”s) or old definitions of things that no longer honor us is the same as being complacent.

Sometimes we tend to not want to look deeper within or change a mindset, outlook or release something, for fear of the unknown.

But, I’m here to tell you that the unknown is your best friend.

If you put it in perspective, we are always in the unknown because the only sure thing that we have, is today.

So why keep something that no longer serves you to feel comfortable? There is no way to tell what is on the other side of tomorrow.

There is no way to tell the traffic conditions, flight delays or restaurant wait time; but yet you’re super down for those things.

Why not take a leap and jump into the unknown to change your life?

New can not come in if you don’t create the space.

So I ask you to look within.

Look at your definition of abundance or your definition of something that is outdated and no longer serving you.

Look at one thing in your life that is holding you back from your growth and inner freedom. Maybe it’s not even a definition but it’s a relationship, a friendship, or even a job? Is it being too nice and saying yes all of the time, not setting boundaries, Is it living in the confines of your comfort zone?

It’s time to let that go.

It’s time to take your power back.

Growth and the unknown are your best friend.

Abundance can mean whatever you want it to be.

You are in control of the now. The universe is waiting for you and all you have to do is say yes.

You can always choose Joy! You are worthy & you are MAGIC







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