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It’s almost that time of year.

You know that end of the year feeling where you’re scrambling to make new years resolutions that you will likely not keep for the year let alone the first few months.

Or maybe you’re a unicorn and you will- (if you do, please let me know your secret!)

The reality though is the majority of us won’t and that’s a stone cold fact.

But here’s the thing, why do so many of us want to be a new person come January first?

If you want to get fit, start going to the gym now, there is nothing holding you back.

If you want to eat healthy throw out that candy stash in your desk and head to Trader Joes and pick up some veggies.

Honestly what is really holding you back now that will miraculously change on January 1st?

The answer is nothing. Nothing realistically changes.

There is nothing holding you back but you.

You can simply get out of your own way right now if you truly want to make a change.

How about instead of new year new me we said new year same me?!


Let’s take control of our lives right now instead of January first.

From this day on, let’s vow to become a better version of ourselves each day for the next 365 days.

I want you to really embrace who you are to the fullest this next year.

I want you to be the most authentic out of the box you that you are.

Listen, you don’t have to go to the gym on January 1st to feel good about yourself.

You can feel good about you right now. 

Take a moment, look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about you. (see this blog post)

You don’t need to make new years resolutions because it’s the thing to do.

When you don’t do them then you go down a rabbit hole of self loathing.

If you want to sleep in, sleep in.

If you want to eat some candy eat some candy.

If you want to be lazy on a rainy day be lazy.

Allow yourself to show up as you need to.

Embrace your body for where you’re at right now.

Come as you are.

This is taking back the control of your life.

So I challenge you, let’s create a movement of anti resolutions.

Let’s embrace 2017 as new year same me.

Don’t wait until 2017 to love yourself.

Start right now, because you are EFFING beautiful inside and out.

And if you want to jumpstart your self love journey and rock 2017 by unleashing your magic within- grab my FREE 14 days to Freedom guide here.



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