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My mom told me back in January right before I was heading to a No DAPL protest, to never forget where I come from.

She didn’t mean the east coast.

She said our Native American blood, and never forgetting that I come from a family where my grandfather snuck into Spain to fight for the rights of the people there against Franco during the Spanish Civil War. (His letters are even at NYU)

She meant never forgetting that my grandfather dedicated his life fighting for equality and the union movement.

Never forgetting that her mom was one of the few that went to college and wrote beautiful poetry because women deserve to have the same opportunities too.

Never forgetting that my grandfather later in life while his passport was taken away by the American government for fighting in Spain, took himself to GED classes and passed for him and no one else.

Never forgetting that my brother had spent the last 6 years with the US Military and is currently in the Middle East.

Never forgetting that all people are equal, no matter what gender or color or background we are.

That we are all one and the fight for equality isn’t over and hasn’t been for a long time.

She said, “when you think you have fought your hardest, you fight even harder.”

So, to the kid that told my little brother on Snapchat the bigger he smiles the smaller his eyes get, i send you love and hope that you will see one day that it’s not okay.

To the extended family that uses racial slurs and think it’s okay, maybe it’s all you know but there’s more to know and I hope one day you broaden your spectrum, but I send you love.

To the trump supporters that are loved ones i send you love and hope one day you see that voting for someone just because they were a business man in NYC or because you think you’ll get tax cuts, it may serve you but it doesn’t serve us as a whole.

Granted this is my opinion and we live in a “free” country where we are all entitled to our own.

See this isn’t about Republican vs democratic this is about not supporting a figurehead that has said so many terribly racist things and tried to turn us as a country against each other.

The very man that thinks the “news” is out to get him.

The one that tweets at 3am and attacks or blocks anyone that disagrees with him.

He wants Trans people out of the military.

He wants to take away LGBTQ rights.

He wants to leave so many Americans without health insurance.

He wants to give tax credits to insurance companies to not even cover birth control, abortions among other things.

He wants to continuously put up Hilary as a smoke screen so that we can’t see what’s behind the curtain.

Brothers and sisters of all walks of life, I ask you, at what point do we let go of our affiliations and come together as humans?

Fighting together for all of humanity and for equality. We can support each other.

The fight has just started this past year and we need to fight our hardest for all of us.

“We the people” we are the people.

Let’s stick together, let’s love one another.

Let’s commit to showing up with compassion each and every day because that’s how together we can truly change the world.

If you need me, I’m always here. Let’s be here together for each other in love, light, acceptance and compassion no matter our background, where we are from or what affiliation we choose to have.

Love is love ❤️

Thank you mom for raising us this way and showing us the light in humanity each and every day.

And to Grandpa Jack, my siblings and I carry on your legacy. We continue fighting the good fight. Thanks for paving the way.


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