First off I want to tell you that YOU matter and YOU ARE WORTHY.

I’m sure you know already that the world has been rocked by the US Presidential election.

Tuesday night November 8th 2016 into Wednesday morning, I cried heavily.

I cried for us women

I cried for friends

I cried for immigrants

I cried for minorities

I cried for our country.

We chose hate over love as a nation.

Today starts a new paradigm, a new world, life will potentially change as we know it.

Women’s right to abortions could go away, equal pay, maternity leave may shorten, Obamacare will be no more, millions will be out of healthcare and people born with pre existing conditions won’t be covered in which I am directly effected. We could be a closed border country and pacific trade could be gone.

Muslims were asking police if they should flee.

Even legal Immigrants are scared for their lives.

Our own economy is projected to take a hit with the taxation policies alone, and we saw that Tuesday night in the stock market.

This is bigger than us, this is large scale shifts, and granted nothing can change immediately but the time is now to deeply and truly come together when trump wants us so divided.

With that being said, what’s even sadder than Trump becoming president is all the hate happening around the country right now this very moment and on social media.

Stories of women in hijabs, muslims, women , minority’s, and LGBTQ getting assaulted.

YOU all know I’m sad about the election as I just said, but Trump isn’t making people hate others, while he has given hate a voice, a person consciously makes that choice to act.

We have to stop this hate- we have to unify.

Hate is never the answer. Love is. Unity is.

If we don’t stick together as a nation and as a world now during the most important time, than WE are creating a divide.

We then give his campaign power.

You want to take your power back, then be a kind, compassionate loving human no matter what your viewpoint is.

Stop hate, spread love.

Don’t ever let anyone blow out your flame. Let your EFFING light shine.

YOU have a choice of how YOU show up in this world.

Use that choice wisely.

We are all one.

LOVE is the answer no matter who you voted for.

So today and the days going forward, give a hug to a friend, smile at a stranger, show love to every single human that you come across, because what truly matters, where the real change happens, is in our daily lives.

How we choose to show up matters.



So, again please do the world a favor no mater what country you are from, and choose to be the light in the darkness.

Please choose love over hate and acceptance over judgement.

We can still change the world, and it starts with how we show up and treat others, don’t let this presidency change you no matter what happens over the next 4 years.

Choose love and light every moment. It’s always possible especially in the darkest of times, you can always shine. ☀️

Be the truest most authentic you.

Start today.

YOU are love & YOU are magic.

Be the real change.

Loving you always and sending so much light to you.

If you need me I am always here just one e-mail away.

We need each other. We need sisterhood now more than ever.