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Learn how to create, build, and scale the business of your dreams.

Create Your Very Own Impactful Queendom

In 16 short weeks


Remember when you were a kid playing Make Believe?

You’d pretend that you lived in a wonderful world filled with fairies, unicorns, and dragons.

You dressed up in costumes and went on dazzling adventures.

You got to be the heroine who saved the world every day.

And it brought you great joy.

Anything was possible back then, and it was awesome.

But then you grew up and things changed.

There were no more adventures, no more heroic deeds.

Things didn’t turn out the way you planned.

And it totally sucks, right?

When did life lose its magic?

Whatever happened to the sense of wonder?

Whatever happened to that adventurous little girl from your childhood?

Why didn’t things turned out the way you planned?

Believe me, I get it.

Several years ago, I was struggling to find joy in my life. I was super unhappy with my career.

I have worked almost every day since I was 16, and when I was 23, I found myself in ad sales at a startup in New York City. I was working 12 hour days calling over 100 people per day trying to sell them advertising space on websites, uninterested, unfulfilled and on auto pilot for the majority of my workday. 

I never took a vacation, I never slept in, and I never really had time to myself to even figure out what I even wanted to do with my life.

New York City is dog eat dog and I experienced it first hand. If you arrive to the office on time you’re late and if you are the first to leave you're lazy.

Living in that unforgiving reality crushed my spirit. I felt lost, exhausted and I got sick all the time.

I couldn’t bring myself to quit. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to find another job, and I had zero confidence in myself.

Basically, I had lost my sparkle.

I was stuck in a dead-end job that left me unfulfilled and bored. I didn’t love what I was doing. I didn’t know what else was out there for me. And I was terrified to venture out to find my passion and zest for my career and life.

It was really bad.

I felt depressed, alone, and extremely discouraged.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t break free.

I convinced myself that I didn't have time for self care.

Any attempt at finding a job that excited me lead to a dead end.

I love to cook and had zero time to do it, so I would grab something fast and often unhealthy..

I didn’t have time to date, spend time with my family or visit friends.

My situation felt hopeless.

I dreamt of freedom, inspiration, love, and finding my purpose.

But I didn’t know how to get those things. I didn’t know how to break the barrier that kept me stuck and stagnant instead of empowered.

Then one day, I reached my breaking point. I arrived one minute late to work and was called into the conference room. My boss was upset that I was one MINUTE late.

It was insane!

Forget my years of service. Forget my hundreds of sales or great customer relationships. Forget how I slaved away to make my boss happy. No, he was upset that I was one minute late. That was the last straw for me.

I had FINALLY had enough.

That was the moment I decided to make a change. That was the moment I decided to take control of my life.

So I quit.

After realizing how much different things could be, I found out that my friend in the online fitness industry was hiring an assistant and I would get to work remotely. I was hired on the spot and it was EPIC.

At the time, my parents didn’t understand what working remotely and would frequently ask me if I even had a job, but when I was quickly promoted to be Director of Operations they finally saw that leaving my old job was the right move.

This began a 5 year journey of personal and professional development.

In that time I learned and absorbed everything I know from dozens of well regarded experts in the online coaching and digital marketing industry. I quickly became a list building, brand messaging, business scaling, course creating, high ticket selling, all things digital marketing, Sorceress.

I co-created a subscription box startup from scratch that consisted of 250 monthly paying customers, and scaled my friend's online fitness company to the multi-million range.

Not only that, I helped create a high ticket Mastermind for my friend's company, that sells out every year.

Falling into this Online Business world, I was able to create freedom in my life, to travel all over the world, live abroad, work my own hours and make time for my friends, family and myself.

In doing this work and helping budding magical Entrepreneurs just like you, I was able to find my purpose, get unstuck, create a life filled with joy and meaning while building my very own online Queendom.

And babe, my Queendom is filled with the dopest womxn around.

Let me share a secret with you:

In April 2018, after having created my brand 3 years prior,  I grew my e-mail list from 300-1800 subscribers in that one month alone purely on cold traffic and Facebook ad’s.

This is where I started:

And in just 3 months:

That’s when I had the idea to launch my very own 12-week Magic and Mastery Academy coaching program on my birthday last year in 2018. I wanted to be of service and truly help womxn also find a way to create their very own Queendom full of freedom, joy, and excitement while making an impact in this world.

And wow, I booked out my calendar for 3 months in advance within 6 hours on cold traffic just by a few facebook posts and some ads-- and boom, not only did I have an overnight income revenue of $30k selling out all my coaching spots, but I now had a thriving business, leads for days, and womxn who wanted to work with me.  


To see if it was a fluke, I did the same exact thing I did last year this April and May and this time SOLD OUT my calendar both months for profit, to bring in over 100 new paying clients alone.

See for yourself:

In your Queendom, if you step into the role of being of service and helping your clients, the money will always follow, and that I can promise you FOR SURE.

I believe every single person on this earth has a mission, a purpose, and a voice to use, so why not create change and help people along the way.

By helping thousands of womxn throughout the past 5 years I found my sparkle again.

And now, I want to teach you my secret recipe.

It’s your turn and your time to break free and I’m going to teach you how to create your own Queendom full of freedom, income and magic.

Welcome to...

Start to Queendom

This Brand Strategy Program and Virtual Mastermind will help you create, build, and scale your business in 16 short weeks- without sleezy sales and marketing gimmicks. A business full of intention, purpose, and impact.

In Start to Queendom you’ll learn:

To trust your intuition
To create your online coaching or digital business from scratch
To create and implement systems so that you can live a life full of impact and freedom
To fine tune your brand messaging to reach your clients in the best possible way
To create funnels that bring passive income and success
To create products, programs and online courses that sell
To sell without selling
To sell out your program every single time
To build fulfilling relationships
To unleash your inner magic
To pursue the life of your dreams
And much much more

Start to Queendom program and virtual Mastermind will equip you with the tools, resources, and step by step processes you need to get out of your funk, discover your inner magic, activate your purpose, and develop a business that not only brings you freedom, but impacts the world, and elevates your clients' lives. Your own damn Queendom.


During Start To Queendom, you'll receive:

1 one-on-one coaching call once a month (total of 4) to give you the opportunity to do a deep dive into what you need to focus on to take your business to the next level and build your impactful Queendom.
Weekly group mastermind calls. (total of 16) In all the business coaching I’ve done and received, I’ve often found these group breakout sessions irreplaceably valuable, as not only are you getting my insight, but also insight from people in and outside of your industry. Fresh perspectives from someone with no skin in your game often holds the missing key to opening the door to a packed calendar and more clients which equals more income.
Weekly Facebook live Q & A, personal check ins, and accountability. (total of 16)

Guest trainings from some of the best brand strategists, marketers, sales experts, and professionals in the industry
Constant email access to me during work hours
Recordings of the Mastermind calls to listen back to
Meditations and connection exercises
Exercises and worksheets to help your business thrive
Private Facebook Community
Connection with like-minded, Badass Boss Queens from all over the world
Community building and uplifting support

Start to Queendom is built to address every single area of your business, including:

  • List building
  • Brand messaging
  • Dialing in your avatar
  • High ticket selling without selling
  • Social Media strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Email and sales funnels
  • Productivity hacks
  • Online course creation
  • Being of service over profit and much much more.

“I did business strategy with Annah Rose. She encouraged me to get my business to the next level and how to value my worth and work ethic. She was very helpful and passionate. I wish I could talk to her everyday. She also gave great advice and help which I still use to this day. She is very patient and a great listener. I recommend working with her for anyone feeling stuck or unsure. She’ll put you on the right track. In fact, my business 7X’d after doing everything she told me to do with my brand.” -Imani


Do you enjoy your job and the work you do?

- Do you feel excited to wake up each morning and tackle the day?

- Are you making a difference in the world?

I’m willing to bet that you don’t right now.

You are probably just going through the motions, stuck in a mundane 9-5 routine unhappy, bored and wanting more.

OR You’ve tried everything in your brand without a proper road map which has left you feeling overworked, overstressed, and burnt out.

You no longer have time for yourself.

You’re bogged down by bills and other responsibilities.

You keep trying all of the latest fad in marketing tricks and your business isn’t where you want it to be.

You might even feel like you're breaking even or just getting by.

You probably feel like giving up, just like I did.

Or maybe you already have.

But that’s no way to live!

Let me tell you something you’ve probably never heard before.

You are a magical, beautiful being.

You are a fierce, ferocious Goddess.

You are strong.

You are brilliant.

You are wildly wonderful.

You are powerful.

And you are a damn Queen HUNNNNI!

You can create the business you want that thrives and love yourself while you’re doing it.

Stop believing the lies that society has told us that you need a 9-5 to survive.

Stop listening to the doubters and haters.

Stop letting your fears and insecurities prevent you from taking up space as an identifying Womxn AND as a business owner.

Start believing in yourself.

Let me show you how.

Let’s build that Queendom together, the only time is now.

Neghar Fonooni

I’ve worked with Annah over the past 5 years on everything from branding to marketing to live events, and I can say with full confidence that her energy, work ethic, and expertise have helped my business thrive in immeasurable ways. Working with Annah isn’t just about systems and strategies—she brings her soul centered energy to the table and cultivates a deeper trust and mindset of abundance in everything she touches. If you want to expand your business in dynamic and authentic ways, Annah can help you do that and so much more.

Neghar Fonooni

This is it — the moment of truth.

Start to Queendom is ready and waiting for YOU.

Are you ready to:

  • Take control of your life
  • Discover pure, unconditional joy
  • Learn to love yourself and live a life full of magic
  • Step into your purpose and find your passion
  • Get excited about life and do meaningful work
  • Connect with like minded Womxn to be uplifted, supported and inspired

Great! Apply Now below.


The Start To Queendom Program is For YOU IF...

  • You are ready to fully level up your life and live your purpose.
  • You are ready for change and radical transformation.
  • If you have ever thought about what it looks like on the other side of just existing in a 9-5
  • You are ready to let go of fear of change
  • You are tired of letting tomorrow’s turn into somedays.
  • You are ready to take action in your life and business now.
  • You are ready to take ownership of your life.
  • You are ready for true financial abundance.
  • You are ready to break free.
  • You want to find the magic in life again.
  • You are ready to connect with like minded badass boss Queens all over the world
  • You are ready to start or scale your business and make your first 10k+ month

What makes Start to Queendom so rad?

You do! Obvi!

You are what this course is all about, and I am here to help you break down your inner barriers, learn to love yourself more, start or scale your impactful business and create the life you want.


There’s no hype, no promises of Lamborghini’s or guru’s, gimmicks, tricks, or sleezy selling just RESULTS and simple strategic implementation.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the years and broken it down into simple steps. I’ve done the hard part for you so that you can save time and money while finding your purpose and Creating your very own Queendom- a business that thrives.


In Start to Queendom, you’re going to learn how to:

  • Get clear on your brand messaging, who your ideal client is and sell to them more effectively without sleezy sales tactics.
  • Break free from the lies you tell yourself so you can focus on building a legacy that lives on for years to come.
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries.
  • Have difficult conversations and understand that your success relies on it.
  • Speak your truth with compassion, and show up in your authenticity.
  • Step into your divine feminine power, unleash your wild business Queen.
  • Redefine and understand abundance and its significance in your life.
  • Trust, ground, and center yourself in order to set yourself up for success.
  • Learn the recipe for Financial Freedom.
  • Maintain your momentum and not revert back to your old self.
  • Set up systems and funnels to bring in income while you sleep.
  • Grow your business without long hours and burnout.
  • Sell out your calendar to maximize the amount of clients you can serve.
  • And much much more.

Basically, I’m gonna blow your mind! And it’s going to be awesome.

I’ll be with you every step of the way. If you put in the work, and show up, you will see massive results in just 16 weeks.

That’s right…just 16 weeks! You’re just sixteen weeks away from creating the Queendom that you’ve always wanted. A business that passionately serves it’s clients and makes an impact in this world, while bringing you all the freedom.


This is it — the moment of truth.

Are you ready to:

  • Take control of your life?
  • Discover pure, unconditional joy?
  • Kiss your negative relationships goodbye?
  • Step into your purpose and find your passion?
  • Get excited about life and do meaningful work?
  • Learn to love yourself and see how awesome you really are!

Do you want to eliminate stress in your life?

Do you want to find a new, more fulfilling career?

Do you want to boost your confidence and self-esteem?

Do you want to feel inspired and fulfilled in your life?

Do you want to overcome your fears?

Do you want to be independent?

Do you want to find your purpose in life?

Do you want a calendar packed with dope clients just waiting for you to help them?

Are you ready to start taking up space and step into the Queen that you are?

If HELL YES, then fill out the application now so we can learn more about you and see if you’re a good fit for the Start To Queendom program.

BONUS: By filling out the application now, you will get an extra Strategy call with me before Start to Queendom begins to plan the next 16 weeks together and set you up for all the Queendom Success.

The Start To Queendom program is only meant for the Queens who are truly ready to do the work and make necessary changes in order to reach their goals.

If you are unwilling put in the time and energy, stay dedicated and focused for the next  16 weeks, and make big (sometimes uncomfortable) changes to your life, then this course is not for you. I only work with identifying womxn who are truly ready to work hard and make the necessary changes in order to find their purpose and build a Queendom that lasts.

Be bold. Take a chance. And prepare to be UNSTOPPABLE. Your time is now.

Prove the haters and doubters wrong, and show them what you are capable of.

Make them believe in MAGIC, make them believe in YOU!

Take the plunge and take back your life and or brand today.

Your Queendom is waiting!


I learned so much about how to build a website and leverage social media working with Annah. She was also really helpful when it came to editing my copy in a way that would be most helpful to potential clients. I also love that she combines the spiritual with her business practices. She’s gone above and beyond to make herself available to me. I feel so much more confident going into starting my new business now!”


Can you really afford to miss out on Start to Queendom?

The way I see it, you’ve got two options:

Option #1: Don’t do anything. You can go back to your current life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But is that what you really want? Is that what will make you happy?

Or there’s Option #2, which is the better option?

Option #2: Take massive action now and apply. You decide that you’ve waited long enough, suffered long enough, and now is the time to change your life and build out your brand to help the most people possible.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely bb.

You’ve got this, take that crown off the shelf and wear it proudly.

YOU, yes you, are a damn Queen, and I can not wait to meet you.


I've been a witness to her gradual success from running another colleagues business to starting her own. She's a stellar creative and a powerhouse when it comes to the entrepreneur world. She works with some of the best people out there and just a stellar, friendly, and open human.

Matt, Nomadic Matt

Don’t forget, here’s what you get with Start To Queendom 16 week program and virtual mastermind:

  • The tools to identify and pursue your life’s passion.
  • Badass confidence to attract the right clients that are just waiting for you to change their lives.
  • Guidance, on creating a brand that succeeds.
  • Step by Step processes, systems and skills to start and scale your online business.
  • The exact way to sell out your coaching program and sell high ticket spots without selling.
  • Accountability and unconditional support from like-minded Queens.
  • And so much more!

This is HUGE. Act now, reclaim your inner magic and build your Queendom.

Your life is waiting and it begins on the other side of this application.

This program won’t be offered again until fall of 2019 and only a limited number of womxn will be accepted.

I am so excited to help you build a life full of freedom and a calendar full of clients-- your Queendom.





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