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What a magical day it was I keep thinking to myself.

I set the intention in morning to be with loved ones outside all day and that’s just what I did. The morning started at the Farmer’s Market with my stepdad, then the plant store to become a plant mom because at 29 you should totally own at least one plant, (but more on that later) and then some acro yoga on the beach with my friends and then a yummy vegan dinner. Somehow I managed to fit all my favorite things in one day that I left feeling so heart centered and full.

Still on that life high, I find myself sitting on my couch cuddled up with my pup Dorito contemplating my last 29 magical spins around the sun. This last year was hard to say the least.

Ever since I moved back from living outside the U.S and nomading around for a bit, it took me awhile to acclimate back into life here and find my footing. There were a lot of ups and downs but I finally feel like I’m just coming into my own here.

I feel as though the amount of growth I have experienced in the last year has sped up and in the last 5 months alone I feel as if have grown years.

I am immensely grateful for all of the people I have met and connected with in my life, as well as all the amazing experiences that I have been able to have.

What a time to be alive.

With that being said, I have compiled 16 pieces of wisdom that I have discovered to share with you.

Always find time for play.

Who says that we have to grow up? What does being an adult even mean? I have just thrown the word adult out the window and adopted the idea of being a grown up kid. I have reconnected with play and it has changed the game greatly for me. We are never too old to play. Whether that is hula hooping, acro yoga, painting, coloring, running around looking for fairies (is that just me?) or whatever connects you to that innocent pure joy, do more of that. When we make time for play consistently not only are we more joyful in our daily lives but we are less stressed and more creative.

Stop caring about what people think.

We spend so much time caring and wondering what other people think, when in reality no one cares about you. And I don’t mean in a negative way I mean literally no one cares. Everyone is sitting in the same room wondering if the other person is judging them when in reality 90% of people are likely not even thinking about what you’re doing. And if they are well fuck those people. It’s not about them it’s about you and just remember to do you always. Be the magical wizard or fairy that you are and stop caring what people think. We are put on this earth to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be so do that, be authentic, be rad, be you, be magical.


Take moments of the day to pay attention to your breath and breathe like actually breathe- deep breath in and deep exhale out. It’s so grounding to really drop in and tune into your breath. You’ll find yourself more centered and more grounded by doing so. It wasn’t until 5 years ago when I started meditating that I realized I never knew what deep breathing was and how healing it is. It talks me down from anxiety anytime that I take a moment to tune in.

Listen to your body

Your body is a wonderland of wisdom. It holds so much insight there. Your body will tell you to do or not to do things, to eat or not to eat things etc etc. When you want to go somewhere does it feel heavy? Start to pay attention to the tightness or lightness within when making decisions. When you’re tired don’t push yourself, take time to relax and honor yourself. Ask it what it needs and it will tell you.

Dating apps are overrated.

In the last year,  I have been on countless dates and have met a ton of amazing humans that I either dated for a bit, never saw again or became great friends of mine so don’t get me wrong these apps totally work, but we are using 5-6 photos and a few sentences to judge someone and decide if we want to meet them. Not only that, but we are conditioning ourselves to hide behind our phones to gain connection rather than go up to someone in a coffee shop, the gym, or Whole Foods. I’ll tell you, anyone that I have seriously dated, I met in person or through a friend. In fact one long term partner stopped me in a bar in NYC on my way out and it was history from there. So here’s the thing, you are more likely to gain deeper connections through meeting in person rather than on a dating app. It will be more organic and you will be able to judge the connection much sooner. So stop wasting your time swiping and go meet someone awesome, it all starts with “hi”!

Your happiness comes from within

This was a game changer when I learned this one years ago. We spend our lives searching for feelings from experiences of other people and wonder why we are left empty handed or not full. The reason is that we are the holders of our happiness. It comes from within. It doesn’t come from anyone or anything else but you. Other people are only here to enhance it not provide it for you. So stop searching outside and start searching within.

Uncomfortable conversations define your success

Think about the last time that you worked yourself up about the impending uncomfortable conversation that you needed to have. Was it really as bad as you thought it was gonna be when you finally had it? I bet it wasn’t. Most of the time we find ourselves obsessing and worrying about the way the conversation is going to go but then we have it and it was easy as pie. These uncomfortable conversations allow you to speak your truth and stand in your boundaries. Remember that the more you allow yourself to have these conversations the easier they get.

Mentors are magic

The biggest game changer of my life has been adopting a mentor. Throughout the years I have had many and they have taught me numerous things that I could have learned on my own but wouldn’t have held myself accountable. Mentors keep us accountable and also pass on wonderful wisdom from their own experience. In my opinion with the help of mentors our success in parts of our lives become accelerated!

Rituals are beneficial

Morning or nighttime rituals have become buzzwords as of late. For me, I have never been much of a morning routine person, but creating a morning ritual has been such a huge benefit for me. By learning to structure my day first thing upon waking up, I have found myself way more productive and even more excited for life. So what I recommend is for you to think of 3 things that you always do when you wake up and turn that into a ritual. For example I always wash my face while oil pulling and then I make my coffee and journal, then when I’m done I dive into work- so I turned that into a daily ritual. This sets me up for a productive day. I guarantee that creating a ritual whether morning/evening or both will be a game changer.

You are the magician of your own life

You have the power to create your own life. You are the magician of your own life. You get to choose what you want and do not want in it. You have the ability to manifest your desires and pull out rabbits out of a hat if you choose. Your reality is solely whatever you choose it to be. Pick wisely!

There is no victim

No one is doing anything to you. We are co-creating everything that happens in our lives.  When we get out of the victim mindset and realize that nothing is happening to us, that it is all happening for us, we can stand in our inner freedom.

Own a plant or two or four

Since I have been back in the US I have become such a plant lady. There’s something about taking care of a plant and keeping it alive that creates this inner joy.  I never felt responsible enough to take care of a plant until I bought my first one at a farmers market in 2016 (It’s still alive and kicking by the way), and when I did I was so surprised at how little it takes to give them love and nurturing. So for my 29th birthday I celebrated by getting a few more plants to add to the family.

Interdependence is the key to partnership

We are conditioned that people complete us. That we need to search for feelings and things from others when in reality we are able to give it to ourselves. All our answers that we seek are within. Partnership is just and incubator for self growth. It’s about two people standing next to each other instead of facing each other. Each person looking outward on their own paths together. Breaking free from the old way of relationship into interdependency was a super powerful lesson for me and I invite you to dig deeper on this one as well.

Your no is sacred

We get accustomed to saying yes all the time. We say yes out of fear of missing out, out of disappointing people. We say yes to be nice, to be well liked. But the thing is, when you take a moment to really drop in, you may not actually feel like agreeing to the thing. What has been most powerful for me is dropping within and asking myself do I really want to say yes right now or do I want to say no. And then I listen to my heart and decide. If it feels heavy or anxious in any way I will automatically say no. It’s so powerful when you allow yourself to put you first.

Your vibe is your tribe.

We tend to be friends with people out of convienance, longevity or proximity. It’s the way we are conditioned through society. Here’s the thing though, you are only as high as your lowest vibration when it comes to those around you. Your tribe is your people, your support system, your community. Those around you should be uplifting, inspiring and supportive. (and of course you as well) If they aren’t then keep it moving. You deserve amazing humans around you because you are amazing and everyone and everything is an extension of you!

There are many more things that I have learned in the last 29 years but these I found most important.

I want to thank you also from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and reading my content for the last two years. You all are what drives me and keeps me going. Please keep shining your light and remember always that you are worthy and you are Magic!







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