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I don’t know if we are ever truly ready for things. Ready for love, ready for breakups, ready for breakdowns, ready for success.

But what I do know for certain is this: timing is always perfect. Timing is always right. When I think back to my life I see why things needed to unfold how they have to bring me here, to mold me into the Woman I am today.

Some things in our life happen fast and some things slow. Some relationships pop out of what seems like nowhere and some take time. It’s all apart of the journey.

See, we are always given exactly what we need at just the right time even if we aren’t “ready”. #
We are always held and supported in our decisions and when we make forward movement towards our goals the universe opens up to us.

The key is consistently rising up into your worthiness. Rising up into your fierceness. Rising up into the Queen that you are.

Saying yes to the things that you want and no to the things that you don’t. Not only setting your boundaries but being them. They are one with you. They are apart of you. Your “no” is Sacred, use it and use it well.

Allow yourself to be raw, and vulnerable. Allow yourself to be seen, heard and felt. Allow yourself to remove the armor around your heart. Allow yourself to open up so deeply without caring about a mere possibility of being hurt. Even allow things to fall where and when they need to trusting they will always be built back up greater, stronger and better than before.

You are here to be the most YOU that you can be during this lifetime. All of this is for YOU, everything is happening for YOU. So, yes sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are ready when things happen, but know this for certain, they are always on time.


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