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Let the fierce lion of undeniable inner purpose to wake up. To take over the wheel on your path. ? What I’m saying is, live in your “Why”. That defining moment from your past that you carry with you on your back each day that pushes you to be better. That moment that was such a wake-up call for you that, you decided to stop leading that life. Stop being that you and just like that in an instant you woke up. You woke up to the reality of life, the reality that you could be awesome. That reality that you truly are destined for greatness. We all have this “why” within us. This innate knowing that if we step up, level up, take up more space that we can create dopeness. That we can make a difference. It’s the key to motivation. Whether it’s wanting to lose weight, wanting to change lives, wanting to start some type of business to help others. The reason behind any of those is always tethered to your why in some shape or form. It could be deep, it could be surface, it could even be fear. Whatever your driving force is allow yourself to explore it for you may never know what you may find there. Allow yourself to awaken your “why” if you haven’t already. Search for it, own it, thrive in it, live in it. Live in the lion within you. Be fierce. Be epic. You matter and you are worthy, now go take up big space and make big moves. Your life is waiting for you.


You'll get 14 journal prompts to rock your life, love yourself, and unleash your magic within.

Enjoy Your New Freedom!