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Look ahead and not behind.
It’s okay to be messy.
It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to worry.
It’s okay to sit in it, but at what point do you clean yourself up?
At what point do you get out of the mess and pick yourself up.
You can’t live in the mess.
You can’t thrive in the mess.
Too long in the messy doesn’t serve you.
So you stand up, stand tall, brush yourself off.
Be brave.
Be courageous.
Rise in the face of fear.
Leap in the face of uncertainty.
Allow yourself to feel.
Allow yourself to take forward action.
Stop protecting your heart.
Stop trying to protect yourself from feeling.
Embrace your feelings.
Embrace the yumminess of the beautiful that surrounds you.
If you don’t embrace it you miss out.
You are safe here.
You are held here.
Take my hand.
Let’s rise together.


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