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At some point in your life you were told you weren’t good enough. It’s inevitable. We face adversity every day. I faced it most of my life. I like to think of myself as a non conformist since I was younger. I always felt the need to ask questions and explore. The thing is however, I lived in the shadows of my older cousins who got married and had kids in their early 20’s. When I hit that age my family wondered when I would be next. It wasn’t for me, I had too much exploring to do but didn’t know it yet.

I started working in sales at 16 at a sneaker store in the mall, I loved it so much because I excelled at it and never wanted it to end. I struggled through school mostly because I was uninterested in things like math and honestly, I had no identity. My massive family was my identity for so long. The incredible humans that raised me were my identity.

In an effort to break the mold during college, I went back into sales and never looked back. I worked 52 hours a week and took 18 credits yet still made time to party with my friends. I hustled and grinded day after day to make something of myself. To never not be good enough but to strive to be the best. And while, our best varies each day, I know now as sure as I’m sitting here writing this, that I am enough.

See, it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles (out of New York where I spent most of my life) when I truly found myself. I could finally break the mold and; not only explore the world deeper but to explore myself within.

Being away from my family created space for me to come into my individuality. To be brave and allow myself to really step back into the non conformist that I innately am. Maybe it’s because I’m almost 30, but when I reflect back, the amount of growth that I have endured in this time is immeasurable.

I’ve come into my own in ways I never knew possible. I grew up. I found my inner power, my boundaries, my values and most of all, I have found the most amazing tribe I could ask for. So Thank you to those who have always supported me. Let’s make big moves, keep grinding and create dopeness! We are all enough don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


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