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I’ve been receiving a lot of DM’s about how a lot of people are feeling funky lately.

I don’t mean get down and dance I mean in an actual funk.

Now we could blame it on energy, we could blame it on the moon, we could blame it on the eclipse or, we could just say that it’s perfectly normal to feel funky.

It’s completely okay to want to go within and hermit a bit.

To go within and feel the wave of the funky feeling.

To allow the ebs and flows of the waves to take you in to the shore and out to the abyss.

That feeling funky is normal.

Wanting to spend time alone is normal.

Not being on your A game is normal.

Take time for you.

Allow yourself to work out whatever your mind and body need.

Allow yourself to make your plans, set your goals and deeply think about your next step.

Because the thing is, once the funk is over and once you’re done in your hermit stage, you’ll be ready to surf those waves and take big action to make epic moves.

So trust, allow, surrender.

It’s all normal. It’s all for the greater part of your journey.

?Brace yourself, you’re here for greatness!


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