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Sometimes things in your life don’t show up in the way you think they will.
Relationships, jobs, opportunities.
But what if I told you that we are given what we need in every moment?
What if I told you that we are given what will serve our highest purpose and what will help us with our growth.
Would you believe me?
Look back on your life and ask yourself “did everything happen the way I thought it would or did it happen in the way that I actually needed at that time.”
I guarantee it was the latter.
If we can allow ourselves to trust the way things are flowing, we can allow things to happen just as they need to. Everything in life is for our greatest growth.
Every situation, experience, conversation, moment, minute hour and day is for us to step deeper into ourselves and be even more raw, and even more vulnerable.
The unknown, the surprises the uncertainty are your friends.
Release the control, release the expectations.
Allow life to surprise you.


You'll get 14 journal prompts to rock your life, love yourself, and unleash your magic within.

Enjoy Your New Freedom!